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A Genuine Ultimatum, Part 3: For Better or For Worse

“Oh. Oh no,” I can hear you saying. “Please – just shut up about For Better or For Worse!” I understand your concern – over the past several years, it has become an honored tradition online to mock and bemoan the state of FBoFW. And while the chatter has mostly subsided as the strip entered […]

A Genuine Ultimatum, Part 2: Wicked Powered

Today continues my quest to ditch comics not worth reading – but since there are some other topics I want to also discuss, I’m going after an easy target: Wicked Powered. Now, the reason this is an easy choice is because Wicked Powered sorta kinda somewhat came to an end just over two months ago. […]

A Genuine Ultimatum, Part 1: God Mode

I titled my last post “Ultimatum”, clearly some sort of poorly worded reference/pun on my discussion of Ultimate Chugworth. I did not, however, include any sort of actual ultimatum in the post, which a reader called me on – so now to fix that. I tend to focus far more on speaking praise rather than […]


Chugworth Academy often defies description – so I won’t attempt such folly. Instead, I’ll simply mention that it is back, after having vanished from the web for a time. It’s absence had been so complete and grown long enough that I had actually assumed it had gone forever into the great hiatus in the sky, as […]

It Isn’t That

It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about, because I do. I easily have other a dozen notes jotted down on topics to discuss, complain about, celebrate, etc. (And by “jotted down,” I mean “typed up in Notepad,” as that is far more accessible than an actual notepad, and has benefits such as […]