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Portrait of the blogger as a young man. Now with 73% more pretension!Hi there! Welcome to my little site. Take a seat, make yourself at home.

 If you’re here, you probably are here to read about webcomics. But hey – on the offchance you find yourself interested in the mind behind the blog, I figured it would be proper to let you know a little about myself.

 My name is Matt Koelbl. It’s not the best of names – even I occasionally stumble over my last name – but it’s mine, and it does well enough in a pinch. I’m a 24 year old web designer with a degree in writing, a sizable amount of free time at a computer, and two parents who are artists. (One of them, a cartoonist.)

So essentially, my interest in webcomics was pretty much inevitable from the very beginning.

If you want to contact me, either to let me know of a quality comic you think merits a look, to tell me how one of my posts has singlehandedly lowered the value of humanity as a whole, or for some other reason entirely, feel free to send me an e-mail.

2 responses

  1. If you got a chance pay me a visit and let me know what you think, I working on this little project.
    Cheers, mate.


  2. Hi, please check out my webcomic Epic Fail, I would be super-happy if you’d review it!

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