How long until there is an entire genre of comics that consist of ‘political satire comic with pink-haired girl protaganist’?

I read both Sore Thumbs and Winger, despite the fact that they sometimes go a bit too far on their political tirades for my own personal taste. They both have a lot going for them outside of their political teasings, and both deliver good humor and art.

Now, Sore Thumbs is currently doing… well, something crazy. Other strips have waged the war between humor and drama before, and right now Crosby appears to be giving it a whirl himself.

I’m not entirely positive as to exactly which direction he’s trying to take – whether he is trying to be a drama making fun of its own lightheartedness, or trying to be a funny strip making fun of its attempts to add psycho-drama, or just making fun of the whole shebang.

Regardless, I’m liking it, and it does a good job of making both perspectives work.

Oh, and I’ll admit it – the “Cheney Shot First” shirt made me laugh. Yes, in fact, “out loud,” as the kids say.

3 responses

  1. I think that shirt’s for sale on the Keenswag store. I saw it in the newsbox.


  2. Hmm…
    I might go back and try Sore Thumbs again, this reminds me. I tried reading it about a year back and just couldn’t get into it.

  3. It has always been one of those strips that there are certainly times I wondered why I read it (in large part cause I could take or leave the political satire strips), but there has been some stuff of late that I’ve been digging.

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