Eyes of Liquid Rage

I’m really excited about Ugly Hill’s new book, Eyes of Liquid Rage. I’m mainly excited because the name is so perfectly awesome.

I’m a late comer to Ugly Hill. I started reading it when the Blank Label Comics collective formed, as it was one of the few members that I was not already a intense fan of.

It took a little while to get into it, but I began to really dig it, mainly when I realized that my favorite character was actually Hastings, the uptight, fun-hating, work-minded asshole.

He’s an unmitigated jerk, as shown time and time again by his interaction with his family, his co-workers, and…. well, I guess he doesn’t really have any friends.

But he is a fun character to see in action. He shows his emotions intensely, and Paul Southworth does some great stuff with his expressions. Especially the eyes. The shiny, glistening eyes.

There are a lot of things that can persuade one to purchase a book. The author, the content, the art. Convenience, availability, price.

But here’s one person who was won over on this sale, in large part by name alone. By the fact that someone was able to condense in four simple words such a primal element of the strip.

Now that’s pretty awesome.

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