Action! Adventure! Excitement!

(Click here for full-sized flaming hell planet!)There are times when I really am in the mood for a nice solid adventure story, and Indavo fits the bill perfectly.

Normally the story revolves around the adventures of Indavo and Rachael – space adventurers, freelance explorers, extreme heroes, and romantic leads.

The stories are, in general, good solid fun – fighting space pirates, robot armies, and so forth. The majority of the time the heroes are in the midst of some chaos or another, and usually manage to come out of the worst situations with hides intact.

But currently, in the aftermath of a pretty intense storyline, we know find ourselves in the presence of a character about which little is known – the Time Traveler in the Big Hat.

Yes, that’s what he’s called.

He seems to be a figure of immense power and knowledge who hops into dangerous situations and manipulates the outcomes to suit his own, mysterious purposes.

Only… he seems to have screwed up, and is apparently stranded on a flaming hell-planet, and most decidedly not in control of the situation.

I didn’t have the slightest expectation of a storyline involving this guy, but this is looking to be fantastic, and maybe enlightening on some of the mysteries surrounding him.

I also love the image above – the artwork of Indavo is pretty perfect for the series, as it has a lively, slightly cartoony feel to it, that nonetheless can yield some pretty dramatic moments. The robots that are fairly prevalent throughout bear an uncanny resemblance to transformers, but thats been the only real hiccup for me, and is probably more due to having grown accustomed to more modern ‘sleek’ robot designs. In the end, nothing is necessarily wrong with the old-school designs here.

In any case, here’s hoping for more fun with fiery death and time traveler excitement!


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