A Piece of the Pie

I know a while back I gave Accidental Centaurs a bit of grief over the artist’s methods of getting donations; namely, actively threatening and ranting at the readers.

That said, he is currently having a guest month storyline done, and giving the guest artists a share of the donations that come in during that time.

Now that’s pretty cool.

In Other News…

Debate and discourse ensues over the webcomic review medium!
A new contender enters the fray!
Bitter rivals resolve to join forces to work for the greater good!

Man, I’m just glad all the crazy in-your-face drama has died down to everyone having a good laugh at each other… or whatever the current state of things is.

Seriously, if only WvW was here to save us all, and/or set us back at each others throats. Is it a shame that such a brilliant thing fell into nothingness, and was left only as a repository for redundant spam?

2 responses

  1. I think the current state of things is a return to ignoring one another until someone trods on someone else’s toe once more.

  2. Well, so it goes. The webcomics world is oft to meet such drama, and while I can’t say such things are pleasant experiences, it is pleasing to see a time when more than just bitterness came out of it.

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