Friday Reflections

Another week comes to a close, and I am sitting around eagerly awaiting some tasty latkes my friends are currently concocting. While I do enjoy reflecting on the things to be thankful for, and the stories of the various holidays currently upon us, I must also confess to enjoying all the fine food produced for these events. Especially when they aren’t produced by me, and don’t involve setting things on fire.

(I am aware that all these attempts at Latke creation aren’t occuring during the holidays with which Latkes are normally associated, and I do assure you that I am partaking in the appropriate foods, such as my personal favorite: Matzoh Ball soup. That said, there’s never a time that isn’t right for latkes!)

There seems to be quite a few folks taking a holiday from webcomics as well, as a sudden rash of guest strips has broken out across the interweb. I suppose, however, that this is counterbalanced by the return of Gossamer Commons, after only a brief hiatus… and the renewal of Framed, returned to us from the long dark!

I’ve talked before about how much more mobile webcomics are than many other industries – it is easy to accept them when they fall behind their schedules, or cease output entirely, and also perfectly unsurprising when they return after long and lengthy delays. It might be on account of how easy it is to jump to the next comic on our list when one is currently absent – and how easy it is to wait for word of mouth to herald the return of missing comics. Whatever the reasons, I’m glad to see these two comics back. (Even if it means I’ll have to dig back through Framed to try and have any clue as to what in the world is going on!)

In other news, David Willis is being a gentleman’s gentleman, and providing some hefty fan service for the ladies. Meanwhile, over in Wapsi Square we get to see a just punishment to fit the crime. (Personally, I enjoy all the scenes with Katherine, and the latest little story is proving as good as any.)

Suburban Tribe has wrapped up its latest storyarc, and continues to raise my opinion of it by leaps and bounds with every strip. Having a conclusion to the story arc that keeps all the fanboys happy doesn’t hurt, either. I think Lee has done a damn fine job of keeping the story moving along, and maintaining the tension between the lead characters – without actually resolving it. Generally it’s hard to keep that pace up without it feeling like stagnation, but he’s doing a damn fine job.

I expect to be doing similar posts most Fridays – giving general thoughts on the latest in webcomics. So expect another rambling post like this in a week!

I’ll be back on Monday with the usual stuff – ’til then, enjoy the holidays!

3 responses

  1. Yay, Framed is back, and hopefully here to stay.

    I’ve noticed that quite a few writers have stopped posting recently (as well as quite a few commentary sites (including mine, I’m afraid to admit). I guess it’s just that time of year.

    Good job on keeping up the updates yourself, though.

  2. Yeah, I had noticed that as well.

    I’ve had a few slow days myself, but been able to find time here and there.

    I think you are right, though – its getting on towards a busy time of year for a lot of folks. I imagine things may pick back up a bit as the summer arrives, though.

  3. well, a lot of webcomics folk are involved in the University life in some way… and this just happens to be exam time.

    as for the other folk, i do wonder.

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