"Loop, what loop? I don’t see any loop."

The Flint Family of Five As usual, I seem to be a bit behind the times – apparently Troutman has returned, and brought Basil Flint back with him.

His new update schedule appears to be somewhat haphazard – tossing up bunches of comics at a time whenever they’ve been finished. But thus far it appears to be working well, and I’m eager to see if it holds out – the comic itself seems up to Troutman’s usual level of quality (ie, wickedly good stuff.)

I also noticed that he has introduced the Troutcave!

It is a collection of his former works, and I’m personally quite the fan of them being all gathered together. I know that when I first started reading his comics, and couldn’t track down some of his older works, it made for the occasional frustration in trying to understand background and character history and the like.

While the earlier works aren’t necessarily required reading for the later strips – especially given that the quality has changed quite a bit from one series to another – having them on hand for those that want to check them out is definitely a good thing.

(~Thread title, meanwhile, stolen from Real Life Comics, which has been solidly entertaining of late~)

2 responses

  1. I still don’t know what that “loop” line means, actually. I get the comic, but not that line.

  2. Being ‘out of the loop‘ is a common phrase for not being informed of the current state of things.

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