Friday Pontifications

Webcomics seems to be preceding apace, and I don’t find myself with nearly as much on my mind as usual.

Nonetheless, there are a few interesting developments afoot:

Penny Arcade has been enjoying quite a bit of success with their webcomic creation Podcast. (Guilty little secret: I have never actually listened to a podcast. Ever! Shamefully, nor do I own an i-pod or similar device. It’s true!)

I wonder how many other webcomics may follow in their steps – admittedly there are numerous others that already make use of the podcast medium, but with a bruiser like PA breaking it out, I can’t help but think it may pick up more notice than before. And, as usual, webcomics blur the line between numerous mediums of entertainment.

-Despite any and all claims against the character of Tim Buckley, he demonstrates mad ninja skillz, and as such, any and all trespasses are forgiven. Sorry, Citrus, but ninjas are awesome.

-I may be alone in this, but I am indeed feeling out of sorts with the wonderful world of Goats. I really had been grooving on the uber-storyline they embarked upon, but I felt is somewhat reached its peak… and simply kept on rolling. I do appreciate still the normal humor he has managed to keep cropping up, but the plot itself has left me restless.

-Does anyone else have a bad feeling about why Ornery can understand Brian? I know I do…

Not much else to announce, I’m afraid. On the other hand, it is somewhat nice for things to be on the casual and routine side. Well, no objections here!

Milholland is in his mansion, and all is well with the world (wide web.)

3 responses

  1. My money’s on Ornery being Zombied, or Brian learning English.

  2. Or Ornery being deadish

  3. Yeah, Ornery having gone zombie is where my money is.

    Of course, with the Zombie Cat stalking Dirtygirl, maybe the whole cast and crew will end up taking a walk on the slightly-dead side…

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