Does anyone know what ‘Fleen’ means, anyway?

They are doing something very cool over at Fleen – they are bringing in a whole new wave of webcomic critics, and those who make the final cut will be chosen by the viewing audience!

Ok, so the reality show aspect mildly disturbs me, but as long as they aren’t making people eat bugs or set themselves on fire, I think I’ll be fine.

In any case, they are posting essays written by the applicants, and will be making heavy use of the reader’s comments on those selfsame essays. Now, there are quite a few of these applicants, and as such, it makes for a very heavy dose of reading to pour through – so the more people that wander over there and give their thoughts, the better off they’ll be.

So go. Check it out. They have some good things happening over there, and more activity in the Dialogue can only be for the best!

On a related note, the 2006 Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards will be getting rolling in a few more weeks, so keep your eyes on that and start pondering your nominations. Or, for those who may not be able to give nominations, start planning which Web Cartoonist will be easiest to kidnap and steal the identity of in order to assure the right comic gets nominated.

4 responses

  1. Fleen used to stand for: Fairly Large Electronic Entertainment Network. But that was waaaaaaay back when it was a webcomic collective. Now, I think it’s just a funny word.

    Fleen. It’s fun to say!

    Fleen. 😀

  2. Ain’t no arguing with that!

    (Man, that site makes me feel so young.)

    Anyway, good to know the origin of the word! My research had yielded questionable results, so that takes a burden off my mind.

  3. (Man, that site makes me feel so young.)

    That’s funny, the site makes ME feel old. Mainly due to the fact that I was around back when Fleen started AND when it folded (roughly a year later, give or take).

    So, I’m either old, or I’ve just been reading webcomics for far too long.

  4. The internet seriously distorts time.

    Less than a decade is a drop in the bucket, but in terms of webcomics, that site really is a different age.

    Anyway, don’t think of it as reading webcomics for too long – think of it as investing in the humor market before it got big!

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