The Burden of Choice

I am afflicted with a most serious Dilemma.

I have finally gotten around to starting Kingdom Heart 2, after various and sundry delays.

It has begun with great effect and style, and proved most pleasing. However… much plot has gone by that I have missed. Plot that occured in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, for the Game Boy Advance.

Thus, the Dilemma – do I hunt down a GBA and that game, and play it before going farther in KH2, for completeness sake? (Ah, completeness – the bane of video RPG fans worldwide…)

Do I merely hunt down the story of the game, and read what I have missed in cold, clinical analysis?

Or do I perservere in KH2 itself, letting the game tell me what it does as it goes, and adapting to the unfamaliar plot whilst I play?

But such are the challenges a young man faces in the world today.

3 responses

  1. I started to play CoH, then went screw it and hunted up a summary on Wikipedia. I’m still playing the game through, though.

  2. My plan is to read this transcript of the game’s script:
    & this summary of the story: before playing the sequel. I just can’t justify to myself buying a handheld for the sake of this one game.

  3. I even had the option become available of borrowing a GBA from a friend, at which I would merely need to buy the game – but even that is an investment of time… time I could be playing KH2.

    I think I’ve found a final solution, however! A friend has alerted me to this google video: A 3 hr collection of all the plot from CoM. Lengthy, but not as lengthy as playing the game, and with all the good stuff collected.

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