All Good Things…

Well, shit. So.

Casey and Andy is coming to an end.

In a lot of ways, that is pretty depressing news – one of the best part of many webcomics is that they are stories without end. They just keep going, on and on, and we don’t have to leave our favorite characters behind.

But sometimes that changes. Comics change, and people change – it happens to the best of us. (And mark well, Andy Weir qualifies for that category.) Sometimes other interests take root. Sometimes the demands of real life come to the forefront. And sometimes, the character’s simply have finished their stories – they’ve done their jokes, won their wars, and their time has come to retire.

Some comics simply fade away… and others go out with a bang.

Given the history of Casey and Andy, is it any surprise as to which one they intend to do?

There is one final story-arc planned – a proper sending off of the cast and crew. It will run for several months. No holds barred, no status quo to protect. A grand finale worthy of the whimsical, explosive, crazy legacy of Casey and Andy.

I will be there to the end. I will gladly enjoy this last triumph of Casey and Andy.

So while I may be sad to see it go… it is the same bittersweet sadness of a well-read book. A story that may be finished, but was more than worth the read.

I have utmost faith in Andy’s ability to tell a story, and am confident this last arc will be a wild, wild ride.

And when the last page is done, and the lights go out? I’ll be glad to have read the comic for the last few years, and glad for the story they brought with ’em.

I can’t ask for more than that.

2 responses

  1. I can only agree. I’m sad to see C&A go. I think it has one of the highest laugh-to-strip ratios of the webcomics is read.

    But I can see the merits of ending it while on a high. Isn’t the lack of ending what people have been complaining about in the newspapercomics the last twenty years?

    Looking at the hundreds of books on my shelves, I can only shudder at the thought that none of those had ended. A well-rounded tale is a beautiful thing, and I’m eager to see how Weir pulls it off.


  2. For all the laughs and puns, Weir has shown he is more than capable of crafting a good story.

    And given that we are starting things off with Jenn, who is probably my favorite character among the bunch, only leaves me with good expectations that Weir will not disappoint.

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