The patriotic screams are a nice touch, I thought.

Pacing is key to a good comic. It is key to humor, and it is key to drama.

And, unsurprisingly, it is the key to blending the two.

Despite how much I tend to be turned off by heavy politics in comics, Southworth’s latest story-arc has been easily holding my attention. I wasn’t expecting things to escalate to the sort of action at hand, but I can’t argue with how well it has been executed – or how perfect the entire thing is brought together in this strip.

It helps that a harbor a private joy in using the word “sure” to confound my enemies – but that is a story for another time. For right now, this strip really works wonders. I don’t know whether to break down laughing, or stay glued to attention to find out what happens next. And I get the same thing every time I look at the comic.

It can be easy to make a comic do what you want, to toss out an easy punchline that works once. But coming up with a comic that still holds the punch even once already read?

Now that’s good stuff.

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