Friday Frenzy.

Man, I had all this stuff to talk about, and now can’t remember half of it. Isn’t that how it always goes?

Let’s see, let me take a quick glance through my notes…

1) Holy Cameo Crossover, Batman! Word on the street is that the two mac users are Penny Arcade’s Gabe and Tycho (the real ones. Not the pixel ones.) The truth of that is yet to be seen, but I can certainly see hijinks ensuing.

That aside, I also really liked yesterday’s comic, or more specifically, the way Jade and Miranda talk at each other, rather than to each other.

Also, I just took a look at the PvP Cast Page (which I rarely glance at), and was impressed by its quality. Gimmicks are a good thing, folks.

2) While we’re mentioning all the big names: Sluggy Freelance!

I am still reserving my final judgement on the current storyline. It is exactly what fans have been asking for, without being exactly what they have actually wanted. We’ve had some good stuff and some bad stuff, and it still has a lot of potential to go in either direction.

But what I am really digging is the art. As usual, Abrams is more than willing to flex his artistic muscles. It can be really easy to look over Sluggy art as less refined than other comics, especially during random daily strips – but the comic has a style of its own, and Abrams really takes things to a whole new level during intense storylines.

So I might not yet know where the story is going, but I’m definitely enjoying the ride.

3) Let’s go from the big names to the almost unknown ones: My Nemesis. (No, not Nemesis. Not Mnemesis either. Yeah, I get confused too.)

My Nemesis was introduced to me in a somewhat unusual fashion. Those others I discovered through pretty positive feedback in the web community (Nemesis through the artist’s connection collaborating with Burns of Websnark fame, and Mnemesis from having a cameo of a character from It’s Walky.)

But this comic, instead, I first learned of through the most painfully aggressive review possible.

It was rather surprising when, after the review sent me to check out this terrible comic… I discovered I actually kinda liked it. I actually really kinda liked it.

There is a guest comic today talking about some of the changes in the comic – in the look, in the movement from humor to drama, and so forth. It felt like a good time to mention it. The comic is at a definite turning point, and it has left me with a lot of things to ponder – hopefully I’ll get up a full review of it next week.

Well, I feel like I’ve tortured everyone enough for today. I seem to be in recovery from my allergies (the year-old medicine did the job frighteningly well… almost diabolically well.) So hopefully next week I’ll have my groove back and be able to get some more competent writing out here.

Till then, keep on keeping on… and don’t forget Free Comic Book Day!

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