One of the things I have found most frustrating about the Modern Tales collection – and this one, admittedly, is in no way their fault – is how easy it is to lose track of comics that leave.

Partly it is due to how many of them have inconsistent updates – and as such, I don’t always register, promptly, that a comic hasn’t been updating for a while. Sometimes the comic is simply on hiatus – at other times, it has left. Even when comics do announce their departure, it may be a while before they set up shop on the web again, without any way to explicitly track where.

I have lost count, I am sad to say, of the number of good comics on those sites that have fallen by the wayside – some entirely, and some merely by my own radar.

As such, it is always pleasing when I stumble back across one of them.

Now, as is also often the case, their archives at a new location may be a bit behind, and I will still find myself awaiting new content…

But it’s good to know the content is there and coming, ya know?

Johnny Saturn isn’t anything special, itself. It’s a good comic, and a fun comic – one of the ones that really worked for Graphic Smash as an action comic. It has some attempts at throwing off stereotypes, but also lives up to a lot of cliches – but it generally does so with its own sense of style.

But while it may not be one of the heavy hitters on the web, it was still a comic I was glad to rediscover and toss back on my reading list. Some days, I suppose, that’s enough.

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