Second Thoughts

I have, in the past, been somewhat critical of the Modern Tales collective – or it’s current state, in any case.

So I felt it would be the honorable thing to do to give a shout out to them in appreciation at the quantity of good stuff I noticed today.

First off, the infamous William G has been added to the line-up at Graphic Smash. For all that I’ve rarely agreed with his rantings and ravings, I’ve always been impressed with his comics, and glad to see one of them in a place it will be easy for me to keep track of it.

Fear the squash.Next up, in Digger, it looks like the pursuit of the dark, malevolent entities is to be cut short by an attack from vampire squash. Man, how often do you get to write a sentence like that? Not very, is the answer.

I don’t really have anything special to say about the Guardians, Magellan, or Reckless Life, save that they are all rock-solid awesome strips, and getting all of them the same day is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Picture Story Theatre continues its latest bizarre but entertaining piece. There are several other strips updating at Modern Tales, and even if not my cup of tea, I’m glad to see the activity.

Paradigm Shift is to my tastes, however, and its return from hiatus remains a pleasant surprise.
How did we not see this coming?
But the big winner, unsurprisingly, is Narbonic. We’ve been meandering of late, you see. The characters have grown distant, gone their seperate ways. There has been a dying down of the previous storylines, as the past is fading and the mood is subdued.

But now the spark just hit the fire. I mean, Lovelace. Whoa.

So yeah, I’d say we’ve got tension again.

Man, Narbonic rocks.

3 responses

  1. Wait, the last thing I remembered was Digger noticing that the trolls were tiring. What happened?

  2. That is a mystery you’ll have to discover on your own, my friend. 😉

  3. *Which is to say, it only occurs a strip or two later, and the twist, while set-up in advance, was certainly not what I saw coming.

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