There is much to be said for brevity. Ironic, no?

Alright, let’s see.

-Thank god, Ornery Boy is back. Just… please, please put his eye back in. I don’t know why, but that really wigs me out.

-I really liked the subtlety in the other day’s SMBC. Alright, it may not be all that subtle, but I thought it was clever, ok?

-Ah, right! Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards are into nominations. Go and give your suggestions, etc.

-Note to self: Gaming Guardians is going to have to go on my List of Really Good Webcomics That I Need To Reread The Archives Thereof In Order To Know What The Fuck Is Going On.

-Note to self: Find a new name for that list. Brevity, yes, good. Endless torrent of words, no, bad.

-I’m thinking of seeing X-Men 3. Should I see X-Men 3? I’ve heard really conflicting reports about it.

That is all.

2 responses

  1. I have that list too, bookmarked under “Lost the Thread”. I always know I’m in trouble when a character appears & everyone else seems pleased/shocked/angry to see him… meanwhile I can’t even identify him. The comics on my list usually have lots of subplots and a less than regular update schedule.

    Also, your use of the word “scofflaw” in another post made my afternoon.

  2. Also, your use of the word “scofflaw” in another post made my afternoon.

    Well, I live to please!

    I’m just glad I got that post out, Blogger was being especially stubborn today.

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