Yo espeako el espanish!

Upside to a sick day: Finishing Kingdom Hearts 2.

Downside to a sick day: Agony, pain, and assorted other synonyms for torment.

In any case, I’m back and mostly recovered, though still a bit hazy due to, say, medication and so forth.

Amidst my drug-induced haze, as I perused my daily comics, I found myself inordinately delighted that I could understand the small amounts of spanish found recently in Candi.

You see, I took something on the order of 6 or 7 years of Spanish, between High School and College… and came out with nothing to show for it, with many of those years having simply repeated the information learned beforehand.

(Disclaimer: I did, admittedly, come out with a large number of humorous anecdotes, as I’ve had some exceptionally interesting spanish teachers. I wouldn’t be able to share those anecdotes in spanish, however, which is the matter at hand.)

In any case, being able to easily understand even 3 or 4 admittedly simple and basic lines in spanish was enough to make me quite happy! Some days the small and silly pleasures are the best.

Also, Candi is a great comic.

I’d say more, but yaknow, still drugged up. So I’m just going to go lie down now, k?

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