Once upon a childhood tale…

Click it. You know you want to. Wow.

Just… wow.

Especially given my current craze with fables and fairy tales, this was an enormously pleasant surprise.

Andy Weir’s newest work is called Cheshire Crossing. It is, well… a crossover of epic proportions. Oz meets Wonderland meets Neverland meets who knows what else. With it’s advent, I can accept the end of C&A stoically.

So, first impressions of this new strip:

Humor: Check. Unsurprisingly, Weir adds his usual wit to the story. The Wicked Witch and her monkeys are an especial delight.

Story: Well, it’s early to be sure – but given this seems to be coming out straight from the gate with a sense of definite purpose, I suspect it will handily deliver.

Art: Weir seems to have developed a new art style for this project – which seems to essentially be a very refined version of his normal art. It’s good, no denying it. There are a few perspectives it seems a bit weak at, but they are few and far between. The ladies are, ahem, a bit on the busty side, but I doubt you’ll see too many complaints over that.

Overall: I think I summed it up earlier: “Wow.” The strip looks amazing. Unfortunately updates look to be sparse – an issue will likely be coming out every 3-6 months. That may speed up with the retirement of C&A, but it still is likely to come sparingly.

Of course, the time put into it shows – it’s damn fine stuff. It just means we’ll have to suffer in anticipation over future issues. I’m already gathering up a whole pile of questions and speculation about the series. (Top on my list – who, pray tell, is the Man in Black?“)

In any case, Cheshire Crossing just looks awesome.

Well done, sir, well done.

3 responses

  1. Whoa — Alice, Wendy, and Dorothy become roommates? Alan Moore did a comic about that exact same subject, although his version is called “Lost Girls”, and is apparently pornographic. 😀

  2. Glad somebody made a post about Cheshire Crossing. I was going to (“I still post sometimes, I swear…”) but I don’t know if I have time. I’m excited about it, it looks completely awesome.

  3. Yeah, this was one of those few moments when the second I realized what I was getting into, I started feeling the need to talk about it.

    (And by talk, I mean babble incoherrently, at length, about how awesome it is.)

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