Five for Friday

Notable things this week, at least in my humble opinion:

Queen of Wands is back! It is still on reruns, but even those are pretty quality reading, especially with the daily commentary.

-All that stuff I posted about My Nemesis? Yeah, I was wrong, Kal’s still a dick. But hey! the strip is still very pretty and has its own fun brand of humor. I’m not entirely sure where he is going with it all, but its fun to read nonetheless. (Now, as to whether this latest development makes the strip more or less deep I’ve not yet decided. Of course, as long as I’m enjoying reading it, it probably doesn’t even matter.)

Some interesting stuff going on over at Girls with Slingshots, and not just because they are at a strip club. Rawr!

-I’ll admit, it was kinda fun seeing Rayne end up in over his head. He’s one of those guys that always seems to come out on top (no pun intended), so having things not end up perfectly for him was perversely satisfying.

-Finally, I just started reading Goblins. It does the gaming parody riff rather well – but it also seems to have a good sense of more serious elements.

Aaaand, that’s all for this week.

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