There and Back Again

Well, I’m back.

Things seem to be proceeding apace in the wonderful world of webcomics. Narbonic has made its move to Webcomics Nation. The latest blaze in internet drama has come and gone over a handful of days (though as I link it, I see signs it may be flaring up again…)

All the regularly scheduled works have kept on ticking, and things have continued, as they are apt to do.

Myself? I’ve been off dealing with other matters – namely, my best friend’s wedding.

To lay out the scene for everyone, this is only the second wedding I have attended, and certainly the first at which I was best man. It was, as one might expect, concern for some anxiety.

I’ve survived. The wedding itself went absolutely perfect, with a beautiful outdoor ceremony that narrowly avoided thunderstorms that have been pouring in and out for the last few weeks. There was dancing and fun to be had by all, and the lucky couple are currently frolicking about the wilds of Ireland.

In theory, around this time, my thoughts should be pondering what all this means. The first of my friends has gotten married. It’s one of those signs of growing up, you know? It means life is moving on, and things are changing, and all that jazz.

Well sure, I could worry myself about all that. Instead, I’ve pretty much just crashed for the holiday, and have been kept busy catching up on work and getting ready to move (as the man of the hour was also my roommate). I haven’t had time to worry about such things and have, instead, simply been trying to get back into the rhythm or my everyday life.

Which I’m perfectly ok with. I like my life. Sure, there are things to change and things to work on, but that’s all part of the fun.

Anyway. I plan to finish getting caught up on comics tonight, and tomorrow I’ll be back in the saddle and ready to use very large words to discuss the going-ons of fictional characters.

It’ll be wicked fun, I promise.

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