We could all use a little change…

I feel like I should talk about the changes of editors at Modern Tales and Graphic Smash – but I’m not really sure what to say.

My opinions of the collectives themselves remain the same – GS seems to be doing well as far as content, and MT still remains barren as far as new material. They have a nice redesign (well, it looks nice, even if navigation isn’t anything exceptional.) Hopefully a new editor will help things take off again.

As far as the editors taking over, I don’t think anyone can complain – Tim Demeter does one of the most professional looking webcomics out there, and Shaenon Garrity has always been a heavy hitter on the web.

Those stepping down? Well, no one can deny the impact Eric Burns has had in the last few years (case in point – I wouldn’t be writing this blog without his inspiration.) Sometimes life steps things up a few levels too high, and there isn’t anything one can do about it. He certainly owes the webcommunity nothing, and hopefully he won’t have been so burnt out as to leave it entirely behind – the updates on Websnark these days aren’t the onslaught of yesteryear, but remain full of quality whenever they arrive. That, I think, is more than enough for us.

And T Campbell? Man. From his recent musings on his blog, he seems to be pondering a lot of personal changes. He seems to have been through rough times of late, and I really feel for him – this is the man who, more than any other, has represented webcomics in my mind. He has been involved in so many projects designed to expand the medium. He was the writer of one of my favorite strips of all time. So I hope that whatever changes may come, things work out well in the end for him.

I don’t know how much these changes will really be felt, by and large – much of what the people in those positions do goes on behind the scenes. Still, it strikes me as… well, worthy of note, I suppose, that two such transitions are happening at the same time.

I’m not sure if I am really able to draw conclusions about what it means – and, to be honest, I don’t know if it means anything more than some people moving on to different things in their lives.

Still, I’m going to go with the best approach I think I can take with anything along these lines – see it as a chance for new editors to help Modern Tales (and friends) reach their full potential, and wish the best to those leaving it behind, and hope that wherever their path takes them next, they have a good time of it.

Change, after all, isn’t always a bad thing.

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