And now for something completely different.

I feel as though I should be talking about all the Big Stuff going on with some of the heavy hitters of the webcomics world.

Sluggy has brought Oasis back, and she’s no longer completely adrift from reality – though certainly not altogether there yet. There is a whole slew of words just waiting to be let loose in light of what it may mean to have Oasis as a character, and not just a prop.

The Penny Arcade Expo just wrapped up, they just ran one hell of a cameo laden storyline, and word has hit the street about their upcoming video game. It is official – they have won the internets.

And over at PvP, it looks quite possible that Brent, fueled by the spirit of competition, may be proposing to Jade. I see no possible way that could end poorly.

Oh, and Narbonic continues with things going from bad to worse, and it looks like soon we’ll have all the important cast members gathered together for one last hurrah. With all our favorite gerbil-people, too!

So lets somberly take note of all those crazy shenanigans, and set them aside, and think happy thoughts about birds, flowers, and other peaceful, ordinary things.

So while the big movers and shakers are rumbling, I’m going to spend the week (or what I have left of it prior to DragonCon) focusing on lesser known strips.

When I get back next week, never fear, I’ll be back to the usual pandering with the big boys – or, more specifically, will succumb to the urge to discuss these grand happenings. Mostly likely at length. With diagrams.

You’ve been warned.

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