Starting things back up…

So yeah, I guess that thing about my return was… a blatant lie. My apologies.

Anyway! Modern Tales and Girlamatic have been rolling out a few new stars! (This is probably not news to anyone.) I’ve been pretty impressed with some of the additions to the rosters, and one over at Girlamatic has especially caught my eye – Shrub Monkeys.

It is a generally cute, down-to-earth comic, so makes for an easy and entertaining read. It has it’s share of in-jokes and random nonsensical moments.

Proof that humor can transcend the need to, say, understand what the hell is going on.The real kicker, though, was some strips that at first look like more randomness, but left me profoundly disturbed for several minutes after reading.

I’m serious – giant monster aliens, skeletal horrors, and all that just isn’t scary. Something like this, however – that is terrifying. You want to frighten someone, give them something based in reality, that seems almost impossible, but still has just enough of a grounding in fact to leave it stuck in their mind.

And that is what this strip does well – blends the ordinary and the whimsically surreal. It’s harder than it looks, but Shrub Monkeys pulls it off without missing a beat.

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