Bandwagon Time!

I suppose I should be talking about Platinum Studios.

Everyone else seems to be.

At first, I couldn’t really get why it merited such uproar. I mean… ok, so they had a relatively silly article that didn’t pay much attention to the current existence and success of numerous online comics.

Ok, haha, pretty much everyone within this community knows they are full of it. I didn’t really see why that merited more than, say, one day of internet mockery. Why did it keep coming up all week long?

But listening a bit more carefully, I realized maybe it does merit a bit more discussion.

On the upside, maybe this genuinely will bring a bit more mainstream attention to webcomics. Even if they misrepresent the current status of webcomics, Platinum seems to like its PR, and will likely be trying to draw in as much attention as it can. If that does success in raising webcomic awareness, that is pretty much a solid plus.

On the downside, Platinum may have a tendency not to deal entirely evenly with their artists. I don’t really know the details of their plans for the web, and how fairly their deals will be with burgeoning webcomic creaters, but if it does look like they plan to grab some hot properties and shaft the artists, thats worth keeping an eye out for.

But as for the rest, we get to sit and wait and see what happens.

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