This sentence is a lie.

Filthy Lies is a webcomic by Enigma (the webcomic artist formerly known as Scrubbo).

Enigma is currently asking for help from his readers. The more success the drive has, the more days a week he plans to update his comic.

The catch? He isn’t asking for money. He’s just asking for more readers.

More comics in return for nothing more than spreading the word? That’s a pretty good deal, I’d say.

So hey – if you already read the comic, why not go and mention it to a friend or two, and see what they think?

And if you don’t already read the comic – well, now’s a damn good time to go and check it out.

(Wait, you say, shouldn’t I actually talk about the comic before sending people to look at it? Maybe point out that its crudeness and irreverance might turn some readers away, but qualify that by saying that its lively antics can win over the coldest heart? Well maybe so, but this is my blog, and if I feel like sending readers off blindly, and letting their experiences speak for themselves, I can damn well do so!)

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