This post doesn’t really cover any new ground.

I’ve spent the day catching up on comics from the last few days, and being pleasantly surprised by a number of things:

1) Something*Positive is running a halloween story on “Operation: Terror for Jesus!” Apparently Christian “Hell Houses” are very, very real.

I’ll be honest – this storyline is probably going to make me laugh. A lot.

2) Loserz is back! I can’t blame the guy for taking a break, given the others things keeping him busy, but it went on hiatus at quite the cliff-hanger, and I’ve been rather eagerly waiting it’s return.

3) I found the new website for My Nemesis! I continue to like this comic a lot, even if I can never tell if it is taking itself too seriously or consciously riffing on itself.

4) The recent run of Rob and Eliot guest strips has been phenomenal.

5) I’ve been liking Questionable Content more lately than I have in… well, probably ever. The comic was pretty much teetering on the same love-triangle/unresolved-tension for the longest time, and resolving that (at least for now) has allowed Jeph to start moving the comic through some pretty damn good new storylines.

I actually thought he’d have trouble keeping me on after the sheer awesome insanity of a few weeks back, but no, I keep going back for more.

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