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What, exactly, does a non-adventure consist of?

Pure Essence of AwesomeIt is rare for a webcomic to win me over instantaneously – yet I should have known to expect no less from any product of the diabolical mind of Justin Pierce.

Most webcomic parodies riff on Batman. And hey, that’s all well and good, it’s damn funny stuff. Superman makes the rounds as well, and again – good stuff. But once it’s been done… well, it’s been done.

So maybe that’s why Wonderella stands out right off the bat. Or maybe its the suprisingly well crafted facial expressions? The cluelessness of our heroine? The witty alt-text? The 500 bears??

Does it matter? The comic is good stuff. Give it a whirl.

This sentence is a lie.

Filthy Lies is a webcomic by Enigma (the webcomic artist formerly known as Scrubbo).

Enigma is currently asking for help from his readers. The more success the drive has, the more days a week he plans to update his comic.

The catch? He isn’t asking for money. He’s just asking for more readers.

More comics in return for nothing more than spreading the word? That’s a pretty good deal, I’d say.

So hey – if you already read the comic, why not go and mention it to a friend or two, and see what they think?

And if you don’t already read the comic – well, now’s a damn good time to go and check it out.

(Wait, you say, shouldn’t I actually talk about the comic before sending people to look at it? Maybe point out that its crudeness and irreverance might turn some readers away, but qualify that by saying that its lively antics can win over the coldest heart? Well maybe so, but this is my blog, and if I feel like sending readers off blindly, and letting their experiences speak for themselves, I can damn well do so!)


Hey guys and gals – been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been a bit distracted by addictive writing, food poisoning, and skirmishing on the high seas. Not necessarily in that order.

Anyway. More to come tomorrow, in detail, on a variety of things.

For today, there is simply this:

Last Will and Testament, huh?
Now, this event is very, very important. But I’m not going to start layering on the predictions and surmisings just yet – Garrity could still take the plot any which way. It’s still too early to start discussing conclusions – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking note.

So note: The pool was filled. Let’s see exactly what that means from here.

Cereals and Serials

So I made the mistake of picking up George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire.

(Which I only just now, in looking up the title, realize is incomplete. Double damn.)

In any case, I’ve found the books exceptional, thrilling, and highly addictive… and thus, have had trouble putting them down and doing other things. So a quick post on some of my recent thoughts:

As October comes upon us, I’ve seen all the classic Halloween breakfast cereals hit the shelves – Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry. And, of course, I had to by them, inspired by numerous webcomic references in recent years that have helped bring back that nostalgia for mostly tasteless sugary foods.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember which webcomics were the culprits! Oh No Robot was sadly no help, though a google/Wikipedia search was able to confirm Something Positive as one of the guilty parties. I’m positive (no pun intended) that at least one or two other popular webcomics have references the cereals, but I can’t remember which ones!

(This will be the thing that slowly drives me insane.)

In more important news, Adventurers! has come to an end. It’s been building up to it in true RPG style, with final boss battle after final boss battle, and an elaborate epilogue that covers everyone from the main cast and crew to fellows that most readers have long since forgotten. It leaves the desire to reread back through the entire story, and that is certainly one mark of a good ending.

It was a good story, Mark Shallow, and ended well.