Child’s Play

It's back!
One doesn’t really need to extol the merits of Child’s Play – but it is so incredibly hard to avoid doing so.

This is a program that has seen an astonishing amount of success. It has earned recognition from defendants and opponents of the gaming world alike, and has gone a long way to combat the ill reputation that is sometimes thrown against video gamers. It has seen public exultation by the very same people who previously criticized gaming as violent and causing violence.

It is amazing because it shows the character behind the people at Penny Arcade – the most successful webcomic to date, which doesn’t have the slightest need to produce things like Child’s Play or the Penny Arcade Expo, or to have demonstrations at children’s schools or do any of a number of myriad things outside the base needs of their comic. But they do so anyway, because they want to give back to the community, and they want to celebrate the gaming community.

It is amazing because it is successful due to the thousands of ordinary folks, gamers and non-gamers alike, who donate to it.

I doubt it needs, even remotely, any mention from me. I doubt I can say anything about it that hasn’t been said with better words and more effect by other people. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth saying, still isn’t worth recognizing the power of this program and value of this effort.

Child’s Play is back for another year, and that is a damn fine thing to take note of.

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