Do you know what comic you should be reading?

I know what comic you should be reading.

You should be reading Minus.

Minus is the story of a young girl with incredible powers, who goes about the business of… well, of being a young girl who happens to have incredible powers.

The comic is Count Your Sheep meets Calvin and Hobbes meets xkcd. Filled with a mixture of the strangely horrible, the beautifully profound, and the absurdly whimsical, the comic is genius from start to finish. The concepts are incredible, the art (hand painted!) is gorgeous.

I know of few other strips that can tell a story to break your heart in three simple strips.

It isn’t a long read – the comic only has 41 strips to its name. But I can’t proclaim it’s greatness enough – all I can say is that, right now, you should be reading Minus.

It's... pretty much impossible for a comic to invoke recollections of FLCL and have me not like it.

8 responses

  1. It’s about time the Koala Wallop comics got some press coverage. 🙂

    …So why the xkcd ref? minus does not strike me as the slightest bit geeky…

  2. More for the occasional moments of surreal poignancy, but yeah, probably not the closest comparison.

  3. We have similar tastes in comics, it seems. I’ve been touting the greatness of minus for some time now. have you read any of the author’s other comics? His last comic was great too!

  4. I… I have not, to my shame. Something that shall be rectified as soon as time (or more specifically, NaNoWriMo) permits!

  5. I’d have chosen Buttercup Festival for the “surreal poignancy” comparision, but since it has already ended it might not be optimal either… but I can’t offhand think of a comic that would be still going strong with the same flavor. (Then again, C&H ended over 10 years since and that doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone.)

    Theoretically a reference containing a stronger magic element would be useful too, but I have at the moment even less ideas for that. OK, Pratchett’s Sourcery, but I mean comic-wise, again…

    Also, thanks for reminding: I need to add Socks to my bomic queue forthwith!

  6. I don’t believe I’ve read Buttercup Festival, either, which looks like another one to add to my queue…

  7. I reviewed this comic a couple of months ago, I think its pastel charm really makes for disturbingly sweet reading.

    KW is so under-rated it’s not funny, it’s the best collection of arthouse webcomics currently out there, other collectives wouldn’t touch a strip like Perfect Stars in a million years.

  8. Yeah, I’d say Buttercup Festival is a must-read if you like Minus and xkcd.

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