This ain’t your momma’s fairy tale…

Say hello to the nice evil overlord, kids!I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about Erfworld.

It’s a brand new webcomic. It just began last week, with a hefty start in the form of six full pages, each one a pretty impressive production. It came out the gates running, and even had a cast page all ready to go. That’s a damn good start – though it isn’t what caught my attention.

The comic is written by Robert Balder, the brilliant (and occasionally evil) mind behind Partially Clips.

The comic is illustrated by Jamie Noguchi, the enlightened artist responsible for Angry Zen Master.

The comic is hosted at Rich Burlew’s website, Giant in the Playground, most well known as the home of the Order of the Stick.

That’s a pretty impressive bunch of names. That’s a lot of individuals whose work already impresses me, and whose creative opinions I’ll put a lot of faith in. So right off the bat, I’m inclined to expect good things from Erfworld – and right off the bat, it doesn’t disappoint.

The first page was actually a brilliant transition from a cosmic event to a small but pivotal moment in the story. The last page was a poop joke. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.
The comic takes a graphic novel style format, and seems to be unfolding a lengthy and elaborate story – but despite this, is filled with humor and just plain silliness. As soon as one sees the curiously familiar titans forging the world, it becomes obvious this isn’t just another epic fantasy.

It seems too soon to say much more. But the writing is sharp, the art is gorgeous, and the story is already intriguing. With less than a week under it’s belt, it’s hard to do better than that.


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