Happy Birthday, Something Positive.

When a single strip, that you've read before a handful of times, can still get to you when you glance at it... that's skill.

In the Comixpedia End of 2006 Roundtable, Something Positive’s Death of Faye storyline was mentioned as one of the top webcomic storylines this past year.Mike had a kid.

Jason and Aubrey got married.

And we saw the Fall of Kharisma which I discussed on a handful of occasions.

All those things right there – that’s enough to make a good year. That’s a ton of change. That’s a ton of development – some development’s more meaningful than others.

But Randy, apparently, isn’t so easily satisfied.

He traditionally ends each year of Something Positive with a significant moment. The first three years ended with darkness and depression. Year four ended with a ray of hope.

Year five is ending with a very intense moment, yes – but it isn’t like all the other endings. It’s not actually outright good or bad. Once you get past the sheer shock of it, ask yourself – what exactly does this mean for Davan?

Remember, we’re talking about Davan, who has been drifting through life since the strip began. He has gone from one relationship to another, most ending badly – and even the ones that didn’t end badly still ended. His latest relationship has been casual sex with Kim (which seems pretty clearly to be nothing more than that). He is moving back home to Texas out of a sense of familial obligation.

And yeah, I'm pretty darn confident it is actually Davan's kid, and Randy's not just preparing to fuck with us. (I think he'll still fuck with us, sure - there will just be rhyme and reason to it.)And now he has a kid.

More than that – he now has had a kid for the past three years, one that has been growing up without him. That’s a bit to take in, yeah? I’m sure Donna had her reasons (whether good ones or not), and I’m sure that Davan is likely to not hold the lapse against her – and feel that sense of familial obligation weighing down on him once again.

Still, speculation about Donna’s situation and how much Davan will interact in his son’s life… well, we’ll see where that goes. I’m not going to hazard too many guesses without knowing enough about Donna (though it seems likely she will need Davan’s help, though seems unlikely to demand – or possibly even ask – for it.)

But you know who this really leaves me wondering about?


For all the pain of the moment, it's about to get better...A year ago, PeeJee was alone and filled with despair. We’ve all been there – though she was lucky enough to have a friend to show up and remind her that she was loved.

A year later, and she’s alone again.

Well, not alone. She’s got Choo-Choo Bear. She’s not confined to a hospital, and has friends she can visit nearby.

But she doesn’t have Davan.

Does she love Davan? Well, duh – they’ve been friends for years. The two of them, and Aubrey, are bound by ties as close as they get.

But does she love Davan?

That’s a hard question. He’s been there for her through thick and thin, more than any other. He moved to Boston for her sake, and now she’s moving back to Texas for him.

And look at how many of their friends have paired off or left the picture in the last few years… Aubrey and Jason, Monette… even Mike has found a family.

You can't have joy without the sorrow... and you can't have the sorrow without the joy.Family. Back to that word again. A general perusal of S*P would indicate that Davan would probably be the last man to want kids, to have to deal with children, to be a ‘father figure.’

But… Davan’s a decent guy, at heart. Angry, bitter, and fed up with the stupidity of the world? Sure, more often than not. But you can’t forget that he was raised by the best. You think that with the example of his parents, there’s even the slightest chance that Davan wouldn’t make a good father?

Now he has a son… and we still haven’t determined just how fully PeeJee cares for him. Her own family… oh, it’s a good one, but while Davan’s family in many ways was a haven against the bitterness the world instilled in him, her own presented it’s own share of turmoil. And let’s not forget that her track record with relationships seems even worse than Davan’s. He at least had Branwen. I don’t know if PeeJee’s ever had someone get truly close to her.

Except for Aubrey, who has now gotten married.

And except for Davan, who is off in Texas, and suddenly has a son.

...and given the plainness of the moment, that just means things have the potential to be so much worse.Regardless of how she loves him or not, PeeJee suddenly is very much in danger of being alone. Well and truly alone. She isn’t at her darkest moment, like she was a year ago. She is simply sitting there, in the middle of her life… and she’s still alone.

You know how earlier I said that the ending of Year Five of S*P was different from the others, because it wasn’t actually outright good or bad, just momentous? Yeah, not quite true.

I’ve got the sneaking suspicion it will be good for some people… and potentially very bad for certain others. We’ll find out next year.

I know that I’ll be watching.

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