I’m Back!

When Randy first introduced the little blue… thing… during some of the holiday filler at Something*Positive, I was officially horrified. Despite the desensitization of the modern age, I finally had found something in a webcomic that seriously made my skin crawl.

But it was just filler, right? I can live with that.

Horrors man was not meant to see...When he mentioned he had a way to work it in as a ongoing cast member, I again felt that feeling of absolute dread sinking into my stomach. S*P has some odd characters, but Choo-Choo Bear and Pepito – even Twitchy-Hug – managed to work within the confines of the strip. And I couldn’t for the life of me think of any possible way the blue thing could be worked in without entirely disrupting the strip. I pondered, with no avail, what possible bribe I could offer to keep this monstrosity from appearing.

I should have known better than to doubt. It’s in the strip… and it works perfectly.

One response

  1. BWAHAHAHA! I loves it! Milholland rocks my socks off…

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