ChancesMost people have noticed that, lately, Order of the Stick has been “rocking the house,” as the saying goes.

While not an incredible surprise – Burlew has always written a strong story – what has impressed me is how strong and fast the hits have been coming. The recent arc with the linear guild was brilliant, we have a confrontation with Xykon moments away – and suddenly we have a brilliant series of strips focusing on Miko. Things get taken from one level to the next with every single strip, and I’m confident OotS has been at the top of a lot of reading lists for the last couple weeks.

But what I really wanted to make note of? That Burlew has been churning out double the content over the last week and a half. We’ve recieved nine pages over the last four updates. We’ve had two triple-length days!

Now, that is clearly awesome, yeah. But what it tells me is that as much as we are enjoying reading the latest plot developments, Burlew is enjoying writing them twice as much. And, really, I’m perfectly ok with that.

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