Ow. Ow. Ow.

So I’m recovering from a weekend of gaming my health away, the WCCAs are out and the usual deliverances of injustice have occured, Sluggy is only a day away from a dramatic reveal whose countdown has thoroughly sapped my interest in the matter, and yet… overall, I’m content.

You see, I noticed that the William G has pointed out the return of KraziKimchi and the artistic stylings of Hyung Kim, old school webcomics madman.

Even better, he’s actually got several months of solid, consistent updates, which is pretty good evidence for the continuance of said solid, consistent updates.

So that’s pretty darn good news.

My apologies for the brevity in updates – hopefully I’ll be back to a more regular schedule once I stop feeling like I’ve been repeatedly bludgeoned into senselessness.

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