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Punch an' PieI think it is pretty commonly agreed that Queen of Wands was a hell of a comic – so good, in fact, that it ran a second time with commentary for those who couldn’t get enough of it.

And now the sequel is out. Punch an’ Pie, written by Aeire, drawn by Chris Daily, and featuring Angela, still the same tiny, crazy blonde as before.

So here I am, getting the word out.

The one thing that I am sad about is that the strip is black and white. Don’t get me wrong – the art looks great, and I’ve been a longtime fan of Striptease, wherein Chris Daily does some amazing things in black and white.

But Queen of Wands was one of those comics that really felt alive, and in large part thanks to the brilliant use of color.

That said, given the overload of work the artist is involved in, I certainly can’t find fault in the quality of the strip. And I’m certainly looking forward to many more comics to come.

3 responses

  1. Why, I’m a freakin’ champion, I am.

    Link to the strip itself can now be found in the post and the picture…

  2. Whoah, thanks for the heds-up.
    (And the captchas seem to be working again, yes.)

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