Dragon Days

Today I’ve come across a surprising number of dragons in my daily comics.

It wasn’t a great surprise in Order of the Stick – OotS is a fantasy comic, and dragons are a staple in such worlds. This particular dragon has been around for several strips now – though I felt it was a key enough plot point in today’s double-feature.

Also: Ouch.

Sinfest was more of a surprise, though it shouldn’t have been – the Dragon has been part of the merry cast and crew over there for ages.

But I found today’s installment to be especially grabbing nonetheless. There wasn’t any plot or even much point to the strip, but it felt like a fantastic example of Tatsuya’s skills, with some absolutely brilliant energy flowing through the art, and an extraordinarily Charlie Brown-esque moment to finish it off.

Finally, we had Funny Farm, which turned out to have nothing to do with dragons at all. When I first saw today’s update, however, I thought otherwise. A closer examination revealed that the street sign seemed to depict a bird perched upon the back of a crocodile, but my first interpretation was that it was simply a stylized rendition of a dragon.

Despite being wrong, the comic got the biggest laugh out of me of any strip today, so I felt the need to give it some recognization regardless of what strange occurence actually elicited Mewn’s funny little smile of anticipation.

(I can practically hear the voice running through his head, over and over again – This is gonna be awesome!)

Nothing more substantial today, save for congrats to the strips nominated for the Eisner awards. I’m a fan of all the comics up for the award – though it should be no surprise that I’m rooting for Minus.

2 responses

  1. You should not be encouraging my poor drawing skills. 😉

  2. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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