State of the Blog Post

There are a couple items of note that I felt warranted some announcements, so bear with me for a few topics pertaining to the blog itself.

First off, if you are eager for some more quality webcomics discussion, I’d recommend taking a look over at Broken Frontier. I’ve been working with T Campbell (whom you may remember from such classic works as Fans!, Rip & Teri, Penny & Aggie, and countless thousands of other webcomic endeavors) to add in a webcomic presence on the site, which has been around for several years with a focus on print comics review and news coverage.

Thus far, my own contributions have been just the usual reviews, though I’ve got some cool stuff planned down the road. T, however, has been doing his Blowing Bubbles feature, which is a series of webcomics-themed podcasts with… well, just about everyone.

I’ve never really gotten into the podcast craze. There has been a variety of reasons for this – I do a lot of web browsing in an environment where I can’t actively listen to audio files. Even when I am able to do so, I prefer to be able to take in a piece at my own pace, which is decidedly more difficult when it is a recorded conversation. In the end, I’m just a more visual kinda guy. But in spite of all this, I’ve been finding the time for listening to Blowing Bubbles, and thoroughly enjoying hearing some of these elusive webcomic artists made a little bit more real.

In any case, I’ve got a review that just went up today about Cosmobear, so feel free to go on over and check it out. If you’re still looking for more, there are a few more reviews in the archives.

There should be a post a week going up over there, and in the meantime, things will be proceeding as normal over here, three times a week.

Second item of note is not nearly as exciting, but still worth mentioning. I’ve been enjoying the “Best of Comic Genesis” spotlight that I’ve been doing on Mondays – but I’m also getting close to reaching the last of the reviews on the CG strips I already read. So if you have any comics over there you think are worth a look, go ahead and drop me a line or leave a comment.

And speaking of comments, the third announcement – you can make them! It came to my attention that it had been difficult to leave comments previously, due to some slightly over-the-top spam protection. I’ve removed some of those issues, so if you wanted to comment before, but couldn’t, feel free to go ahead and do so!

That’s all for today. Tomorrow, back to business as usual.

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