Memes and Manuscripts

Alright, this has gone too far.

…ok, I found the last one amusing. No, not the robots – sorry, Stevens & Jacques.

Outside of the strange world of the internet, I’ve been digging into my print copy of Zap! While my collection of webcomic books is not as vast as some, it is beginning to grow – I’ve got the Order of the Stick books on their way, and am looking forward to hunting down Birds are Weird when I can find it in stores. (Because, among other things, it is really, really cool to see webcomic books on the shelves, stocked as naturally as anything else.)

Reading through Zap! Volume One has reminded me of the benefits of collecting the books, rather than just reading them on the web – a chance to go back through and refresh oneself on backstory, for one thing. Archives are getting easier to use, but few can offer the same ease as being able to flip between dozens of pages at the drop of a hat.

Some webcomics translate to printed form better than others, of course, and I really don’t have the funds or interest to go and buy every single one released. Then again, that just means I can really enjoy the ones I do get – when Zap! arrived in the mail, it outright made my day.

Which is as good an argument for putting webcomics in print as anything else I could think of.

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