Everything’s Coming Up Zombies

Seriously, everywhere I turn.

First off, The Stiff returned last week.  One of the most genuinely spooky comics out there, it went on a sizable hiatus just as the story was really starting to get good. It appears to be back and fully in action with a weekly update, which is very good news indeed.

Continuing the zombie theme, they appear to currently be Dr. McNinja’s opponents of choice, which is usually as good a guage of the current internet craze as anything else. Also, he demonstrates the proper way for killing zombies – and by proper, I mean “most badass.”

Finally, I just discovered Last Blood, by Bobby Crosby and Owen Gieni, in which zombies have wiped out nearly the entire world, and vampires – in danger of losing their food source – desperately fight to keep the last remnants of humanity alive.

Come on, you can’t deny that is a great premise!

It’s well executed, too. As a matter of fact, I’ve been impressed with all of Bobby Crosby’s recent webcomic endeavors – not only are they good concepts and put together well, but there is an atmosphere of professionalism about them all. I should explain that my first encounter with Bobby was seeing him posting in one of the flame wars that were so prevalent in the webcomic community several years back – wherein he managed to make Scott Kurtz look like the most rational and even-tempered individual around. Bobby’s own comic at the time, Pupkin, wasn’t the most impressive strip out there.

I’d say he’s come a long way since then.

4 responses

  1. Speaking of zombies, have you ever taken a look at Zed Reckoning? It’s great-looking and has a promising story, even if the update schedule is a bit on the slow side.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been following Zed Reckoning over at Graphic Smash, and it definitely seems like the start of a good story – but also a plot-driven enough one that the slow updates are especially painful. Still, I’m eager to see where it goes.

    And James, I haven’t forgotten about the Zombie Hunters – keep your eyes open for more zombie mojo tomorrow. 😉

  3. Bobby Crosby is a douchebag.

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