What’s the capital of Poland?

Just a note that Krakow is extended the pre-orders of the strip’s first book until tomorrow night at midnight – and since the pre-orders will be the only copies printed, that makes this an opportune time to order.

Krakow is a fun comic that started off centered around two roommates and the usual wacky hijinks – and then became more and more focused on the girlfriend of one of the aforementioned roommates, and her family. Who all happen to be demons in Hell.

It is light-hearted fare that manages to still have solid characterization and clever storylines. Pretty much the perfect match for printing as a nice little webcomic book… aside from the price tag. At $24.95, it isn’t unaffordable, but still pricy enough to give a moment’s pause. The price isn’t without merit – even aside from my confidence that the material inside will be enjoyable, the book is 128 pages in full color. But it still seems like a lot, and I suspect it is the main reason pre-orders have been lackluster.

I’m hoping it still does well – and that if it doesn’t, the artist isn’t discouraged. This comic has a lot going for it, and I even prefer it over their other webcomic, Marilith, which might be a more professional strip – but doesn’t quite have the same amount of heart going for it.

Which isn’t the sole element of a successful strip, in the end – but it will always be something I’m glad to see.

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