The Best of Drunk Duck: Culture Shock

A knight from the fourteenth century and a japanese ninja arrive in the big city and end up working together for a computer hacking gangster crimelord.

Hilarity ensues.

Culture Shock is really just a comic that is just good clean fun. There really isn’t much than that I can say!

The art is bright and clean and nicely shaded. The characters – who range from the trio mentioned above to well-meaning cops and innocent elven mages – are not incredibly deep individuals, but this doesn’t stop them from being all remarkably likeable. And as much as each might be built from a very simple idea, they each have moments where something more shines through.

Also: Most awesome cast page I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes you don’t need complicated plots or earth-shattering drama to make a good comic. Producing something nice to look at, with a sense of style and a likeable cast, can be all it takes to win an audience over.

There aren’t any superheroes in this comic. But in a day and age when Marvel and DC are busy killing, raping and maiming characters in every blockbuster event, just to get some attention, coming across a comic that remembers what it’s like to just tell a fun story… well, it’s a breath of fresh air.

It’s what comics is really all about.

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