Status Report

I hope everyone is having a good Fourth of July, or failing that, an altogether acceptable Wednesday.

(Speaking of Wednesdays: Ladies and gents, I present to you genius in action.)

Of late, there have been a number of hiatuses (hiatusii?), and returns thereof in the webcomic world, and I wanted to mention a few of them for those who may not have noticed, along with some brief commentary.


Flint Again: After a good three months updating M-F, the strip is going on a short break for the next month. This might not be a bad idea – I’ve actually found the strip a bit more humdrum since moving from sizable (if few and far between) updates, to the three to four panel dailies. Hopefully a break will help the Troutman recharge some creative energies.

In Betweeners

The Green Avenger: While the comic itself isn’t quite back, we’ve got some other work being posted in the interim – and from the first two pages, it looks exceptional interesting, in a rather disturbing sort of way. And it sounds like the comic – or at least an update on its status – will be coming soon.

Back in Business

Girls with Slingshots: Back in town with updates five days a week, GWS doesn’t even try to hold back as it jumps into a storyline about a pretty daring subject. But only three days into the storyline, I’m already pretty confident GWS will pull it off well.

Anywhere But Here: Holy Total Reboot, Batman! After quite some time away – and even before that, a ton of comic troubles and late updates – Aywhere But Here is back with a complete relaunch of the series. I approve – this was a comic with good art, brilliant characters, and a story that had withered and died a slow and painful death. It had a rock-solid foundation at the heart of it, and I suspect learning from the mistakes of the past will help the second run go a hell of a lot smoother.

Also: Ridiculously gorgeous new art. Can’t go wrong with that.

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