Good, Better, Best

Good news: Girly has returned, two weeks earlier than planned! It looks like updates will be coming slightly slower – largely due to Lesnick fully letting loose with the art, and I can’t deny that it looks good.

Better news: Girl Genius 101 just caught up to the Advanced Class. What does that mean? It means the entire archives are now fully online, so now makes a great time for new readers to dive right in. It also means I can kiss an hour or two goodbye, because I’ve got a whole lot of catching up to do, and nothing left to stand in my way.

Best news: I’ve finally gotten around to checking out Piperka and holy cow is it useful. I’ve heard people extolling it’s virtues for a few months now, but as usual it has taken a bit of effort to set aside my normal methods and try it out. I highly recommend everyone else learns from my mistake, and checks it out immediately.

What it does it simple – you select which webcomics you read, and it automatically determines when there is an update. There are other sites that, I believe, do similar things, but this seems to be the most streamlined and efficient out of the pack. It takes a bit of time to go through the lists and mark which comics you read, sure – but I imagine it will take less than a day to make up for the lost time one would otherwise spend checking comics that haven’t updated.

Useful for day to day browsing, and great for keeping track of comics on hiatus so it is easy to discover their return. I’ve been using it for only a handful of days, and I’m already set to swear by it.

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  1. It is also really good for times when you pick up a new comic with loads of archvies, as you can ‘bookmark’ where you left off and it will keep track of how far you’ve gotten through the comic’s archives.

  2. Why, thank you. I find Piperka rather useful myself too.

    Now that I’ve finished my thesis and more or less recovered from that effort, I have time to take care of Piperka properly, again. I’m working on reimplementing the web serving part of the site so that maintaining it won’t be such a pain anymore.

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