Monthly Archives: July, 2007

This Post Will Be Short

Not much on my mind today, but I’ll give credit where it is due – today’s PvP made me laugh out loud.

One of the things I really like about PvP is that it manages to surprise me. I mean, Kurtz has a solid thing going – he’s got a nice looking strip centered around a pretty simple formula, and has plenty to draw from in that vein. He could never deviate from that strategy, and his comic would do just fine.

But he doesn’t. For the most part, sure, he sticks to the gameplan – but every once in a while, something like this pops up, where he isn’t afraid to toss the norm out the window and indulge in something new. Sometimes it doesn’t pay off… a little too odd, a little too insular, and it ends up as a complete miss.

And sometimes he hits one out of the park.

Status Report

I hope everyone is having a good Fourth of July, or failing that, an altogether acceptable Wednesday.

(Speaking of Wednesdays: Ladies and gents, I present to you genius in action.)

Of late, there have been a number of hiatuses (hiatusii?), and returns thereof in the webcomic world, and I wanted to mention a few of them for those who may not have noticed, along with some brief commentary.


Flint Again: After a good three months updating M-F, the strip is going on a short break for the next month. This might not be a bad idea – I’ve actually found the strip a bit more humdrum since moving from sizable (if few and far between) updates, to the three to four panel dailies. Hopefully a break will help the Troutman recharge some creative energies.

In Betweeners

The Green Avenger: While the comic itself isn’t quite back, we’ve got some other work being posted in the interim – and from the first two pages, it looks exceptional interesting, in a rather disturbing sort of way. And it sounds like the comic – or at least an update on its status – will be coming soon.

Back in Business

Girls with Slingshots: Back in town with updates five days a week, GWS doesn’t even try to hold back as it jumps into a storyline about a pretty daring subject. But only three days into the storyline, I’m already pretty confident GWS will pull it off well.

Anywhere But Here: Holy Total Reboot, Batman! After quite some time away – and even before that, a ton of comic troubles and late updates – Aywhere But Here is back with a complete relaunch of the series. I approve – this was a comic with good art, brilliant characters, and a story that had withered and died a slow and painful death. It had a rock-solid foundation at the heart of it, and I suspect learning from the mistakes of the past will help the second run go a hell of a lot smoother.

Also: Ridiculously gorgeous new art. Can’t go wrong with that.

The Saturday Morning Blues

I was not going to write about a comic today.

Other things on the mind, you know. No real comics currently on the brain. It’s a gorgeous day outside.

I had plenty of reasons to put webcomics aside for a day… and then I was sent a link to Planet Saturday.

According to the site, Planet Saturday, by Monty S. Kane, is “a monthly comic about memory, imagination, and parenthood.” It is “GUARANTEED, in no particularly legally binding way, to amuse, educate, and enlighten; remove unsightly blemishes; grow hair on bald heads; and make you taller. The comics, in particular, will cut through a soup can- and still slice a tomato LIKE THIS!”

A guarantee that seems to have been delivered in full.

These strips are not going to blow you out of your shoes, mind you. You will not be rolling on the ground in laughter. You will not be biting your nails in anticipation of momentous plot twists or action-filled space battles. You will not be seized by an onslaught of emotion, energy and exuberance.

But it just may be you will feel something much more subtle take hold. These comics may bring forth a more internal appreciation, and a recognition of some of the simple glories in everyday life, in childhood, in family. I suspect they will make you think – and I would lay odds that they will make you smile.

Planet Saturday Comics are short little vignettes about life and the living of it. Memories, growth, hopes, dreams, and the myriad little things that make up the world. Cute, and simple, and heartwarming – in many ways, this resembles Calvin and Hobbes as told from an adult’s point of view.

The comic is just over a year old. There are thirteen episodes in the archives, ranging from two to nine pages each. It will not take any great measure of time to read through them all – but I would consider it time well spent.

This sequence, in particular, is a tale particularly well told.

The art is crisp and clean, and deserves an entire post of its own discussing how gorgeous it is. The stories are well-written, short as they may be. The concepts within are sound and sincere.

This, my friends, is a damn good comic.