Some Friday News, in brief

A recent JLA issue featured an exceptionally Shortpacked moment, as seen on right.

Anyway, the big news floating around at the moment is the webcomic exhibit at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art, in New York. Fleen has a full rundown on the exhibit, and it certainly sounds like good stuff. It features some of the best work out there – including some amazing things I had never heard of before.

I kinda like the fact that, even though odds are low that I’ll actually have the chance to see the exhibit, it still managed to put me in touch with at least one awesome comic I had never seen before.

So, apparently Ryan Estrada is the new artist over at Life’s a Bluff. Which is certainly awesome news, though I’d be even more overjoyed if there was any sign of Aki Alliance returning from its long hiatus. That said, Estrada has definitely shown he can produce some quality work when dealing with other people’s comics, as is clearly demonstrated by the greatest PvP guest strip ever.

Speaking of PvP, apparently Scott Kurtz has started taking the drugs. Seriously, though, the recent anime storyline hasn’t been bad, but it has certainly taken the strip’s surreality meter and thrown it right out the window.

Stunning upset of the day: It isn’t unheard of for two popular gaming strips to happen to make near identical jokes on the same day. What was a shock, however, was the realization that on this day, Ctrl+Alt+Del managed to thoroughly out-humor Penny Arcade.

I… I’m sorry, but I think I need to go lie down for a moment.

4 responses

  1. Aki’s comin, Aki’s comin!

  2. Well then, that takes care of all my worries!

  3. Yeah, seeing CAD outfunny PA was pretty maddening. Not the first time it’s happened though… the jokes when the beta for Halo 3 went public were also funnier on CAD’s side, even if Buckley has an annoying habit of spelling out the joke like his readers are imbeciles.

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