Chugworth Academy often defies description – so I won’t attempt such folly. Instead, I’ll simply mention that it is back, after having vanished from the web for a time. It’s absence had been so complete and grown long enough that I had actually assumed it had gone forever into the great hiatus in the sky, as webcomics sometimes do. This was reinforced by the fact that, at conventions, I would see signs proclaiming: “We don’t know where Chugworth Academy is! Don’t ask us!”

So when it did reemerge, having resolved technical difficulties or whatever, it was a pleasant surprise. I’ve been trying to remember who these characters are and why they all seem to be in therapy, and despite a brief detour into some braindamagingly terrible filler, the picture was slowly congealing back into its once-remembered whole. As always, Chugworth is an exercise in pleasant nonsense and silliness – which can be a recipe for disaster, but Chugworth manages to succeed where others often fail.

What brings this all up, however, is not the antics of the regular cast and crew, but rather the latest update – an exploration into Ultimate Chugworth, wherein they demonstrate an accurate knowledge of what makes Marvel’s Ultimate universe distinct. After all – the main continuity Marvel universe is now filled with heroes that blend the line between good and evil, and where everyone lives in fear of the tyrannical government and their Various Acronym Organizations (VAO). What keeps the Ultimates distinct?

Samuel Jackson, that’s what.

I don’t ask for much in my comics, its true. Sometimes nonsense and silliness is more than enough. But an added dose of geekery, and I really can’t do much except sit back and applaud.

2 responses

  1. Newsposts with the name “Ultimatum” typically contain ultimatums in them. Ya got me all worked up for nuttin’.

    P.S: Quite a few continuity-heavy webcomics could perchance do with Ultimate versions of themselves, methinks.

  2. Yeah, I totally dropped the ball on the title there. I’m not too proud to deny that the title of my posts have been entirely half-assed efforts lately, and I’ll aim for that to change.

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