Damn the illusion of motion!

Ben Gordon, in a comment posted the other day, says: “Just in case you’re wondering, some of us are looking forward to more.”

And it was a good reminder that – hey! I have this blog, and haven’t posted in over a month. And, while I’ve always argued for the right of comics (and the commentators thereof) to go on hiatus as needed, I’ve also always said that it is still very important to maintain communication.

Which, clearly, I have not done.

So this post is, sadly, not here to bring you any new content today – I remain behind on my webcomic reading in general (with 500 updates waiting in the queue on Piperka). This weekend isn’t likely to help that, as I am shortly off to fly to a friend’s wedding – and while I anticipate many festivities and entertainments at such an affair, internet access and webcomics is probably not on the list.

So no new content… today. Next week, there will be a new post. The week after, hopefully as well. And in the event that I am unable to maintain my weekly update, I shall make sure to at least have something as brief as this post to maintain the illusion of motion.

2 responses

  1. It will be good to hear from you again!

  2. Didn’t expect to see my name as the paragraph opener!

    By all means, if you need a break, take it. It’s just I know that sometimes there are lulls in response from the audience and that’s when we work up doubts about whether the work is appreciated, so I thought I’d speak up.

    Just don’t feel pressured. There’s enough pressure from everything else without me adding to it. 🙂

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