Don’t cross the Vanderbeams.

Update will be late this week, but I’ll try and have something posted this weekend.

I am quite eager to take a look at Starslip Crisis, which has been going full throttle with awesome plot – perhaps in part because Kris Straub has an entire seperate strip devoted to humor alone… and that strip is also Starslip Crisis.

Anyway, a deeper look at this – and the rest of Straub’s comics – sometime this weekend!

4 responses

  1. *pokes it to see if it’s alive*

  2. Hopefully the universe didn’t smite him, as it is want to do.


  3. A promise for more content this weekend always winds up doing something like that, just so that it can be ironic as it sits at the top of the blog for months or years.

  4. […] Delivered the promised post on Starslip Crisis the weekend I proclaimed I would… or anytime within the next month, or even the month after […]

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