Abominably Good

I don’t have much to say this week, other than to share my latest webcomic discovery: The Abominable Charles Christopher. It is rare for me to add a new webcomic to my reading list these days (swollen enough as it already is), and even when I do find one of interest, it is typically a good bit of time before I get the chance to read through the full archives.

In the case of this comic, once I had seen one strip, I had to read them all.

A cast full of lively, talking animals (whose lives are filled with exactly the same trials and tribulations as our own) stands side by side with an epic tale of adventure for the titular character, a yeti whose silence and childlike nature doesn’t diminish his appeal to the reader in the least. Humor, philosophy and excitement – all delivered through absolutely gorgeous art – make me wonder why it took this long for me to discover it. For those who have also been equally unlucky, it begins here.


3 responses

  1. Have you ever published your reading list? Just curious… I like to see what people like. Is it the same as the titles in the right column, or different?

    I myself have not, because it’s ten miles wide and an inch deep, from trying to keep a finger on so many comics and now what sorts of things are happening. The ones I follow closely are just ones that hooked me and held me.

  2. I’ve never posted the full thing – the ones on the right are essentially the ones I follow closest… though it is also somewhat out of date. But it is certainly still a good representation of the comics that have had my greatest interest.

  3. I devoured this webcomic on your recommendation, and now I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for the read.

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